Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Throw Like a Girl...

and you might just become a celebrity in Brainerd, Minnesota.

That is if you do it like Karlie and Chelsie. Just wanted to brag a little and tell my nieces that we are so very proud of them. The photo above is from their summer league last year. This picture has both of the girls and my brother in it. Chelsie is the first one on the bottom left. Karlie is also on the bottom row and is the last girl on the right. Tracey is in the back on the left.
Currently, Karlie is a freshman and is pitching for the varsity team. Chelsie is in eighth grade and is also doing some pitching for the high school varsity team. How awesome is that?! Way to go!!!
Keep up all of the hard work girls. Have lots of fun. We love you and miss you lots. Can't wait to see you guys sometime this summer.

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