Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just Like the Pros...

While my parents were here, Papa picked up where he had left off on Red's golf lessons. Before they left for Minnesota, we had gotten Alex a putter and Papa had taught him to putt. He was actually quit good when he would take his time and line up.

My Dad was tickled when he found out that the little golf course in Lindsay didn't mind if Alex practiced there and for the bargain price of six dollars, they could play nine holes! Red loves to go places with Papa and was very excited to be able to go golfing.

The first time they went, Mom and I met them for lunch afterwards. Dad looked pooped and when I looked at the score card I felt like nominating Papa for sainthood. It looked something like this:
first hole- Papa 3, Alex 16
second hole- Papa 4, Alex 19
third hole- Papa 4, Alex 20.

After that, there were no scores. I asked Dad if things got any better. He said the scores were pretty much the same except after the third hole he let Alex putt his too. That went on for nine holes....Papa is officially a SAINT!!!

Alex was of course no worse for the wear. He was ready for the back nine. The only little hiccup was that he was so excited and having so much fun, he had a little accident.

Alex's score card:
-1 pair of camouflage undies

The next week, Papa took Alex again. We had a long talk about letting Papa know if he has to go. Even if you're having lots of fun, you can stop and then come back to playing. Red agreed.

Like the last time, Mom and I met the boys for lunch after their game. As Alex slides into the booth next to me at Taco Bell, I immediately ask him if he needs to go. He says no then changes his mind. We head to the restroom. As he sits down, I realize, he's had an accident, a bad accident...very bad...

Alex's score card:
-1 pair camouflage undies
-1 pair sport themed boxer briefs

When we get back to the table, I tell my parents about the accident. My Dad kinda giggles then proceeds to tell me that the while they were out there, he asked Alex a few times if he had to go. Alex said no. Then on the next to the last hole, Dad says Red squats down in front of his ball, kind of grunting.
Papa: Alex, do you need to go to the bathroom?
Red: No.
Papa: What are you doing?
Red: I'm doing like the pros do, Papa!

Dada says after that he was kinda acting funny... Poor guy. This will be one of those embarrassing stories that as an adult you pray no one will tell and will haunt you forever!!!

I actually joined them for the third round. I hadn't been golfing in years. I had an amazing time. No mishaps. Only a great bonding experience for Me, Alex and Papa. Can't wait to do it again.

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