Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Escape

The title of this post couldn't be more true to life. It has been what seems like forever since we have been camping. We were all having withdrawls! So on a whim, (which is the way we roll!) on Thursday evening, we headed up to Quail Valley.

This would be Reese's first camping trip and good practice for our much anticipated August get away.

We arrived so late on Thursday that we basically set up camp and went to bed. At the crack of dawn (Remember, I am with Franky and Red) on Friday morning, we were up and eating breakfast. Red was on his bike, riding down hills by 7:30am. No major crashes, only a short flight over his handle bars landing in some soft dirt (Thank God!).

As the day warmed up, we found ourselves in the creek. Reese was the first to take the plunge. He LOVES the water. I got in after him. Red was pretty skeptical. No, THIS boy does not like "dirty" water. The kid who would roll forever and a day in the sand or dirt, did not want any part of the creek. After about thirty minutes, he decided it really didn't look all that bad. He jumped in and started making mud pies.

Reese thought they were pretty tasty and would either eat a bite or dig his paws in them. Red thought it was pretty cool that Reese was helping him make the pies!

Our Rat Terrier, Sophie, even got in the creek. She didn't want to be left out. Besides, she and Red had made friends with a couple of girls who romped and played with us. It was pretty cute. The girls were at that age where they felt "too old" to be playing with Red but they were drawn to him and kept coming back to our camp asking to play with him and the dogs.
It was so nice to get away this weekend. I feel relaxed and refreshed despite the mound of laundry that has crept out of the laundry room and is slowly making its way down the staircase!!! Can't wait for our trip in August. If anything, this weekend has made us look even more forward to it. : )

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