Saturday, July 12, 2008

All Dogs Love Peanut Butter

In an effort to win the affection of one HUGE and ever growing Doodle, Franky goes for broke!

This weekend, my Mother in Law was visiting. The last time she was here, Reese was shy and didn't get near her. A few times he even barked at her. This time, Reese decided to make friends with her. He followed her around, let her pet him, ate treats from her hands and even went outside when she opened the door. [wow!]

I think this made Franky a little jealous because after three months, Reese still hasn't really warmed up to him. The only time he will have a thing to do with Franky is when we go to bed (and then I think it's because Reese is trying to find a "nice" way of telling Franky to get off HIS bed).

Well, this weekend Reeses began warming up to Franky. He was letting Franky pet him and would actually sit next to him on the couch where as before, he did anything to get away. So, while we were sitting on the couch this afternoon, Franky pulls Reese over into his lap. Reese stayed. We were in awe. Franky yells to Red, "Hurry! Bring me the peanut butter!!" He gets a glob of peanut butter and with Reese in his lap, sits and feeds it to him. How pathetic. It worked though. I just had to snap a picture. This will be something to laugh at down the road...I'm still cracking up!

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