Sunday, July 6, 2008

At Long Last

I have once again taken a break from the blogging world to chase Red, scrap a little, play in the swimming pool, play Wii, do a little redecorating for summer, wipe up the water left on the floor after Reese drinks (no joke). Ya-da ya-da....excuses, excuses.

So, for those of you who are stalking my blog (you know who you are!), this one's for you!!! : ) And, just so you know, I appreciate everyone who reads about this crazy/wonderful life we have. It's great to know that you take time out of your busy lives to stop and see what's happening with us.

June was a fun month. It got warm enough to enjoy the pool a little. Red loves splashing around on his kick board and is just starting to venture into the "sink or swim" phase of summer. That is what I call it when Red becomes brave enough to let go of the "life-saving" floatation device of choice and swim to me or to the side of the pool. With each passing summer, this phase begins a little earlier.

Red has a motivator this summer. You see, Reese is already jumping in and swimming to us...He LOVES the pool. I guess Red figures he can't be one upped by a dog! It was really funny the other day, we had put Reese outside the pool fence so that Red could practice (if we don't, Reese jumps in on top of Red...not good.). It takes Red a little while to warm up to the idea of swimming but he really wanted to show his Daddy the progress we had made. So I get out in the middle of the pool and count "1-2-3". Red says,"Wait! Wait! I have to stretch my legs!" He stretches them out to the sides and toward the back. Then with toes pointed stretches them straight out in front of him. "This is how 'they' do it." OK, Red. "Ready? 1-2-3..." Nothing happens. "Are you gonna jump, Red?" Reese is outside the fence whining. "Wait Mama. I have to do this." He sticks his head under water and blows bubbles. "See. You have to do that before you swim." OK. "Ready-Set-GO!!!" Still no jump. "Ok, Alex. Reeses really wants to get back in the pool. Are you gonna jump or what?" He finally jumps. I'll bet by the end of summer, he will start swimming. Then next summer we'll start all over again!

Fun times!

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