Sunday, July 6, 2008

Off to See Some Giants...

In the middle of the month, we decided to take a trip up to the Giant Sequoias. It had been years since Franky and I had been. We both had wonderful memories of our last trip (except for maybe the dog getting car sick...long funny story). My two nieces, Karlie and Chelsie, were with us and had a great time. So, we thought it would be a neat experience for Red.

We loaded up in the car stopping in Three Rivers to pick up stuff for a picnic. Red tells the lady who helps us," We're going to see a GIANT!" (I can only imagine what he was picturing in his little redhead when we told him we were going to visit the"Giant Sequoias"!) She laughs and tells him to have a good time.

When we get up to the trees, Red was in awe. He loves the outdoors and thought the trail to the General Sherman was his very own race track. He ran weaving back and forth on the trail. Hooting and yipping along the way. We had to remind him a few times that we needed to be a little quiet so that others could relax and enjoy the scenery. He actually listened and mellowed a little. Then to our amazement, he was the first to spot a young deer near the path. He whispers very excitedly,"Look Mama and Daddy, a reindeer!!" We were amazed how close it came to us and how quiet Red was and that he didn't scare it away.

When we reached the General Sherman Tree, Red was mesmerized. He stood and looked at it for a good minute then decided he was ready to hit the trail.

We had such a terrific time. It was so peaceful amidst those giant trees. So amazing to see something, once very small, has grown into something so beautiful. When I think about it, I am witness to this kind of miracle everyday. I am watching Red grow.

Growing into an amazing boy...

Girls, do you remember the phrase, "Aunt Shell, she's got that look in her eyes..." That was such an adventure! What a trip. So glad you guys were with us, though. Wish you were with us this time. We miss you.

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karlie said...

the story of our trip is a really funny one but at the time i remember the only people laughing were the ones who weren't covered in Skipper puke!! yuck! we miss you all too and hope that you are having a great summer!