Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Home

SuMmER...What is there not to love about 100 degree heat, hot sidewalks beneath bare feet, sweet seedless watermelon, dips in the cool water of the swimming pool, the bright yellow faces of the sunflowers growing in our backyard, butterflies fluttering around trying to avoid Red's butterfly net and a little mouth circled in color painted by a ice cold Popsicle?

OK, so the 100 degree heat I could probably do without, but would we enjoy the rest of the things on the list as much if it wasn't so stinking hot?! Maybe...

This is the time of the year I long to be at the beach. Breathing in that fresh cool air, listening to the waves, sand between my toes. Unfortunately, this will only be a daydream until August when we take a little time to go camping in Morro Bay.

So, what better to do than redo a few things. Since I have such a love for the sea, in much of our home you will find colors that remind you of the beach. Sea shells sit on shelves and peek out of containers of all sorts.

I've been working on little projects all over the house, but most of my focus has been upstairs where the majority of the "beachy" things are found. I just need to find the right fabric to make some sort of window treatments and this room will become the retreat I've been dreaming of since we moved in.

I found a few photos of us at the beach which seem to fit perfectly in this old peely bookshelf. I love things with peely paint on them. Our county's lead program would likely have a fit if they saw some of the things I have in our house. Lucky for me, Red doesn't chew on furniture!!!
I found this cute little rack that made a great place to hold some fun things in my scrap booking room. I love it when something is beautiful in it's appearance and also functional. I have been having so much fun in my little room lately. I have actually decided to submit a few layouts to a magazine called Memory Makers. I'll keep everyone posted on how things turn out. I'm not expecting anything big but am excited at the possibilities!
This last photo is of a treasure I received from my Mother-in Law. She handed this to me when we visited last and said that she was getting ready to toss it but thought that I might would like it because I loved sea shells. After I finished gasping at the idea of this beautiful treasure (given to her by her Mother-in-Law) could have been gone forever, I nearly jumped with joy. I LOVE this box which sides are made of either oyster shell or mother of pearl. It is pieced together with brass which has the most beautiful patina. I am so thankful to have it and will treasure it forever!

I hope you all survive the summer heat and enjoyed a little peak of my "Summer Home". :)

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