Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Day of School

Tonight was the first night of Reeses' basic training class at PetsMart. We decided to take him so that he could get a little more exposure to other people, animals and places. In hopes that (maybe) by the time we go on our vacation to the beach, he will become more of a social guy instead of a 50+ pound scaredy cat!!!

Red didn't know we were going until I picked him up from school. When I told him where we were going he let out a big hoot and told everyone he was taking his dog to "school". I explained on the way that he needed to be very cooperative and that we had to listen to the instructor so we could learn how to train Reeses. He was in agreement.

Have you ever heard that if you live with someone long enough you begin to look alike? Have you heard that applied to dogs and their owners? Well, tonight I was witness to it! No joke, you could easily separate the dogs from the owners and have a great chance of pairing them back up correctly based on their appearance. Myself not included of course, I don't really think I look much like a labradoodle!!! (Just give it time. Maybe I should get a perm...jk)

By the time the class started there were six pets and eight "trainers" plus the instructor and her pup. The scene was something like this, two dogs barking non-stop, one dog pulling his ten year old girl all over the room, a schnauzer and a little jack russell scuffling, growling at one another and rolling around the floor together - their owners tugging at their leashes, the instructor with squirt bottle in hand trying to "correct" the barking dogs' behavior, Red is laying on the floor in front of her (arms flying in the air) saying (in a very loud voice)"Betcha' can't squirt me", me begging Red to sit down and pay attention to the class, the instructors' pup is raiding the treats and knocking over boxes of stuff the instructor brought with her. And Reese? Laying beside me quiet as can be. I wish I had his ability to drown all of that out!

It was really quite an experience. Turns out, Reeses knew all of the things we worked on today. I learned a few new things which I plan to use with all three of our furry friends. I also learned that instead of a collar and leash for Reeses, next time I'm taking them for Red. Along with some duct tape....I'M KIDDING! (What a terrible Mom!!!)


Holly said...

Hi, I've been meaning to check out your blog for a little while now and I finally made it over. I just called a dog trainer this morning about our neurotic dog, after reading this post I'm glad our sessions will be private! The first few anyway. I'll be back another time:)

MamáChanga said...

Awww, you've got your hands full so I know there won't be any pictures, but I'm imagining all the fun it is and will be!

Hey, if you're using duct tape on Red, be sure to pick up a couple for me! LOL!!