Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Little Firecracker

We had a really nice and quiet 4th of July this year. My Uncle and his family came over in the afternoon and we BBQed and celebrated their daughter's 14th birthday. Great food and wonderful company.

Red has so much fun with Rachel. She is such a cutie! Red is already asking when she's coming back so they can play in the pool and eat more cake. :)

Our neighborhood was really quiet this year. Usually we set up chairs all along our cul de sac and everyone takes turns putting on a show. This year it was just us and two other families. It worked out great though. In the past, I think all of the fireworks intimidated our little firecracker. This year he was ready.

Franky put on his earphones (that he wears at the races) which made the sounds much more tolerable. Funny, Red can be the loudest thing in a room but if something else is loud, he can't stand it!:)

Red loved the little show Daddy put on for him. He even held the sparklers this year. It was so awesome to see him waving the sparklers, making shapes in the night sky. He was so impressed with himself. It reminded me of when I was young and thought that sparklers were the most beautiful thing about 4th of July.

As I sat and watched Alex, I began to miss my Mom and Dad. The 4th of July was always such a fun time at our house when I was growing up. We always worked our tails off preparing the house and yard for a huge BBQ that we had every year on that day.

We would play volleyball, badminton, croquet and swim. We ate great food and then would watch the fire works show. We OOOOed and AAHHed as the sky lite up with the bursts of color. Such an AwESoME time spent with family.

It was at one of these BBQs that Franky and I started dating. Such unforgettable memories...

Happy 4th of July.


MamáChanga said...

Ahhhh, I'm soooo glad you're back! I've missed the updates on your life, everything looks wonderful. I love that Red is learning to swim cautiously (which doesn't seem to be a word you would usually use to describe him). I love the trips you take, the pic of the Giant and Red holding Franky's hand are great! I love your new decor, can't wait to read the updates on your submissions, I'll bet your home itself is a real treasure, how you keep it like that with a boisterous 4 year old is AMAZING!! Thanks for updating your blog for us stalkers! :)

Hugs & Blessings!

karlie said...

haha do you remember the 4th of july that my dad was lighting those flower fireworks and one spun right into mow's flower garden!? that is one of my favorite memories of those 4th's. this year we had another incident when my dad shot a big illegal one and it fell over shooting right into the trees..started smoking but luckily no fires started! also, since everyone is dieting we didnt even get to have the great homemade ice cream. i guess that can be pretty tempting while on a diet! it was sill a great day though!