Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Labradoodle

I'm sure that all of you have seen at least one version of the movie Freaky Friday? Well, I've decided, if I were ever given the opportunity to switch a day in the life with someone, it wouldn't be a person. Nope. It would be our labradoodle, Reeses. He is one lucky dog!

He gets to spend his days in an air conditioned house with all the amenities. Treats are plentiful. He doesn't have to watch his weight or worry about getting dressed and getting to work on time. At night he sleeps spread out on 3/4 of a california king sized bed, the rest of the day he just plops down and naps wherever he wants. He has a basket full of toys. He is pampered with lots of love and attention. When he drinks water, some lady wipes his chin off so he doesn't drip water everywhere. What a life...

Yep, he has captured my heart. Red's too. The verdict is still out on Franky. He is still clambering to get Reese to like him. :)

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Adina said...

Reeses is a cutie! Want to invite you to a new doodle owner's website I started a couple months ago: -- hope to see you there!