Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is in the Air...

The weather has been so beautiful. The mountains to the east of us are covered in orange, yellow and white wild flowers. Everything is green. The new baby sheep have arrived at the farm near our home. This is my most inspired season. I love everything about it! (Except for the allergies!)

I've got all of my Spring decorations out around the house. Just like Christmas, when I open the boxes of my Easter decorations, my heart flutters with excitement! How silly to be so dramatic about decorations! But when you have cute little chicks like the one in this picture, you just can't help it!
I'm also getting very excited because on Monday, my parents will be on their way out to California for a visit.Red is counting down the days, too. We already have a camping trip to Morro Bay planned. Mom and I are looking forward to visiting our favorite little shop in Cambria, Birds of a Feather. Talk about inspiring. I could move my bed right in the center of that shop and be as happy as a clam! (Franky, quit rolling your eyes!!!) It is adorable. The shop owner has a knack for displaying simple objects in such beautiful ways...oooh, I can't wait!
I'm very proud to say that I have had one of the pictures I took of Alex and my three nieces published in the Brainerd (MN) Dispatch! My Mom took the picture (of the kids at the Brainerd Lodge showing off their tattoos) to their local paper to be published in their reader picture section. It is one of my favorite pictures. I can't wait for Alex to see himself in it! I told Mom and Dad to buy about 25 copies since this would be Red's first appearance in a newspaper! : )

I hope to get some scrapping time in soon...I have so many ideas floating through my head, I can't wait to see what they become. I hope each of you find inspiration and delight during this wonderful season.

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MamáChanga said...

Word out on the street (said in my best impersonation of Mariska Hartigay on Law & Order) is you've got one of the best most (why do they speak like that?) beautifully decorated homes around. You may like that Birds of a Feather shop, but I'll bet you could charge tickets and people would line up to view your themed displays! BTW, I had to read your post twice because I read that a pic you took had been published in the Brain NERD Dispatch (and thought yep, that figures) I guess I was being the big nerd and realized it said Brainerd the 2nd time I read it! LOL!!! It's late and as you can tell from my comment I'm getting a little punchy!