Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Picture...

Truly is worth a thousand words. Over the weekend we went to the "Happiest Place on Earth"!!! Yep, Disneyland. We decided to go to California Adventure Friday afternoon and Disneyland on Saturday.

We had such an awesome time watching the parades. Alex loves to be the "pre-parade entertainment". He gets right out in the center of the parade path and jumps, dances and sings. It's too cute. He had so much fun seeing all of the characters. This time he loved them all.

The last time we had gone, Alex wasn't tall enough to ride a couple of the rides. Thanks to a major growth spurt, this time he was able to ride them. We rode Soaring Over California, Big Thunder Mountain, a cute little jelly fish ride and Star Wars. He was so excited!

As we rode the Monorail, I was trying to talk him in to riding the Matterhorn (he did last time). He looks at me and very seriously says, "Nope, you and Dad can ride it. I'll stay here." This cracked up the people sitting by us. He remembered that at the end a big snowy monster pops out...he made it clear he did not like that! : )

I have to tell you all something I did. (Franky was insistent on this since I wrote about him dragging Alex in one of my posts!) We had gotten sandwiches for lunch. They came plain and you were able to doctor them up at a little salad bar type area. I was fixing Alex's for him. He likes his sandwiches with mayonnaise, so I put it on, finished fixing my sandwich, then we go sit down.

Now Red has a hard time sitting still for anything. He was getting out of his seat jumping around, pretending to be a dog (licking my arm) when I tell him to "SIT DOWN AND EAT!!!" He sits and takes a huge bit of his sandwich immediately sticking out his tongue (food all over it) and says,"Mom, it's too spicy!" To which I say, "It is not spicy. Just EAT!" (I'm thinking turkey sandwich with mayonnaise is about the most bland thing you can eat.) He proceeds to pick at the sandwich, eating only small bites of turkey, some apples and grapes. He pushes away his plate almost a whole sandwich left on it. I take a bite of the (almost whole) turkey sandwich and my mouth immediately begins to burn...what I thought was mayo was actually HORSERADISH!!! Poor, Red. Lesson learned...

So what about the picture at the beginning of the blog? On Friday night, we left the park at around 10:15 and walked back to our hotel. Alex had not had a nap all day and was still going strong when we arrived at our room at 10:45. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Then at 5:15 am woke us up and says, "Come on! It's morning time! Let's go eat and go to Disneyland!" We did just that. Got to the park as it opened at 8:00 am and went all day. At around 6:00pm, clouds began rolling in, the wind kicked up. It was COLD. We were talking about getting something to eat when Franky suggests we just go back to the hotel and order a pizza. We were waiting for a protest but Alex said that's what he wanted to do. We got on a bus to head back to our hotel and didn't get one block when our little red head fell fast asleep. : ) He was pooped!

What fun. Can't wait to go back next year. Red may be just tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters Franky refuses to ride with me!!!

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