Friday, March 7, 2008

A Funny Valentine...

I decided to go "home made" for my parents for Valentines Day this year. A little juvenile to some, perfect in my book. I have been dying to try using fabric as a medium so this little project seemed just right.

Most of you know my Mom is about fabric as I am about scrap booking supplies. When they moved to MN., Mom says she was embarrassed by the number of boxes that contained crafting supplies (namely material!). So, I guess you could say I came by the "more is better" (especially for all things beautiful, junky or rusty) attitude naturally. : )

To begin my project, I cut poster board into heart shapes. I covered them with the material and the sewed around the edges. I (unlike my Mom) am sewing challenged. Meaning that when you take a close look at the sewing on this album, it looks like Alex did it!!!

It was actually pretty cute. Dad was the first one I talked to on the day they received it in the mail. I told him that I had fun making it but told him that it was kind of tough sewing around the heart shape. So, very matter-of-fact, Dad proceeded to tell me that next time, I should get one of those markers that you use on material that disappears. Then, outline the place I want to sew around and that would give me a line to follow when sewing my project together. He also said something about starting with practicing sewing straight lines. Yada yada!!! It made me smile that Dad would take the time to give me sewing pointers. I think next time, I will follow his advice!!!

They LOVED the album though. Despite the terrible sewing, when you look at the finished product, it was pretty awesome.

P.S. Dad, when you guys get here at the end of the month, I have planned to set aside a half hour each day for sewing lessons. I still haven't bought one of those markers. Maybe we can begin with sewing straight lines?! : )

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