Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy "Heart" Day...

What an awesome day totally dedicated to celebrating those we love. We had a pretty fun Valentines Day this year. It was a normal day, meaning Franky and I worked and Alex went to school, but fun none the less.

I got a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Franky got a round of golf at River Island. Red got balloons and a little stuffed monkey that reminded me of him!

On my lunch break, I took Alex's teacher some flowers. When I got to his school, he was playing in the sand box with a very cute little girl dressed completely in pink with matching bows in her hair. I greeted Alex and was talking to him about his day when the little girl approached me. She says, "My name is Brooklyn. You know, Alex is my friend. He is never mean to me." I say,"Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm so glad Alex is your friend." She says, "Yeah, Alex even gives me hugs and he kisses my arms." I say," Oh my goodness, he gives you kisses? He's supposed to save all of his kisses for me!! Alex, do you give Brooklyn kisses?" Alex with a huge grin spread across his face says, "No-Yeeaahh." How cute is that?!

Hope you all had fun on Valentines Day...And if you ever see a little "red-head" passing out kisses, it just might be Alex. : )

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