Friday, March 7, 2008

A little behind...

There, it is written. I have been neglecting our blog. For me, the blog is a way to catch everyone up of the goings on around the Red Head's household. More than that it is a reminder of the fun, silly, amazing life we are living. So imagine the GUILT I'm feeling...I haven't written a thing in a whole month. I hope whoever reads this hasn't given up on me! Red Head's going to be staying more current. It's a promise. (Don't people say if you write something down, you have an improved rate of follow through?!)

Well, to get to the meat and potatoes of the last month, I will dive right in. At the beginning of February, we took a very spur of the moment camping trip to Pismo. We stayed (for the first time) at Pismo Coast Village. We have been pretty curious about it for a while so we were excited to get a spot there.

Our spot was literally that. A spot. It was a tiny little site. Luckily my very expert, precise, park- on-a- dime, hunky hubby got the trailer backed-in making it look easy. (Just a little exaggeration!)

Many of the sites around us were home to those "someone hit the lotto" type motor homes. We hadn't been at our camp very long when a middle-aged woman with bleached blond hair holding a Chihuahua (with the same hair color), wearing pink sun glasses (yes, the dog, not the lady), driving a golf cart painted with flames, equipped with a sound system that would've put my brother's (from his high school days) to shame. And what else would be playing (very loudly) from the "wanna-be-Paris"mobile? M.C. Hammer's "You Can't Touch This". Wow. Franky and I both cracked up! Where were we staying?!

As we unpacked and set up camp, I quickly realized that I had packed everything under the sun. Everything except the bag that contained Alex and my clothes... How do you do that? Clothes are just a little important. Needless to say, I went shopping and Alex and I got some new duds.

We spent much of our time walking on the beach, walking to town and riding our bikes. For the most part, Alex rode solo. He was happy to show off his riding skills to a group of campers whose boy was twice the size of Alex and still peddling away on training wheels. He even tried to go a little X-games on us when he decided to ride at full speed into a big pile of compost. Don't worry, it just caused him to stop abruptly and get compost all over the place!!

When we rode further or near the street, Alex rode in tandem behind his Daddy. Franky has a small bike that attaches to the back of his bicycle. It is very cute and tends to attract a lot of attention. Well, we had gone to check out the Monarch butterflies and decided to ride through the state camp grounds when we discovered a trail leading right to the beach. We all agreed it would be fun to ride our bikes along the ocean so we peddled up the trail leading to the beach access. When we got to the top of the trail, the black top had ended and very thick sand began.
Now mind you, we are at the top of a hill. Without looking back, Franky heads down the hill Alex in tow. Now I'm freaking out and thinking, "What is HE thinking?", when I notice that my boys have caught the attention of some people picnicking to the left of the hill top. The scene went something like this:

People: Hey look at that guy with his kid on the back.
Me: Franky, what are you doing? (mildly freaked-out voice, still smiling)

People: Oh..he almost fell!!!
Me: FRANKY, get off your bike and walk. You're going to fall.
Me to People: He's braver than I am...I can't believe what he's doing.

Franky: (Oblivious and very focused on peddling through the very thick sand)

People: Oh my gosh, he's dragging the little boy!!!!
Me: (Embarrassed and extremely freaked-out) FRANKY, STOP!!! YOU'RE DRAGGING ALEX!

Franky: (Peddling harder.) Thinking "Man, it sure is hard to peddle through this sand!"
Alex: DADDY, You're dragging me!!! Stop!! (His feet dragging beside him looking like Fred Flinstone's feet when he's driving his car)

Finally after dragging Alex another 25 feet, Franky hears us yelling to stop. Alex is scolding Franky about dragging him. I was giggling and telling Franky the story of what happened. Alex starts cracking up too. What an experience!!!

Later that day we were riding through the camp site. (Alex flying solo) when a lady walking past says hi to Alex. He stops his bike and says," My Daddy was dragging me on his bicycle and I was yelling for him to stop....." The lady had no idea what Alex was even talking about but it made us crack up once again. Never a dull moment.

We had a great time. Made lots of memories. Can't wait to go back to the beach!!!

P.S. Franky, you didn't actually think you would get away with the whole "dragging Alex" thing not being posted on our blog did you?! What a memory. : ) We still love you more than ever anyway!!!

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