Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So here I am...

The New Year has been an interesting one. On December 30,2008, we received an email at work saying that the county would be laying off 300 employees due to budget issues in the coming year. Everyone was shocked and disheartened by this announcement.

Unfortunately, I was one of those employees. You see, I worked as an "extra help" employee.I chose this due to the fact that Franky is out of town a lot and I could arrange my work schedule around our family's needs. The bad part, when there is a lay-off, the extra help employees are the first to go.

So, here I am. I feel lost. I told Franky it is sad that so much of who you are is defined by what you do in your work. I loved my job and what I was able to do for families in the position I held. It was a very rewarding 6 years. I am hopeful that I will find something I enjoy as much.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy some extra time with Red, clean and reorganize the house and who knows what else.

There is a reason for everything and I'm looking forward to what God has planned for me.


lyssa said...

i love you and i hope things get better :( i miss you all so much!

gardngirl said...

Thanks Chickadee! Things are actually ok. I have leads on two pretty awesome positions one at our local hospital and one with a pediatrician who works with high risk infants and is very well known in our county. I'm excited!!!

We miss you, too. You need to come back to see us! Maybe you can come spend some time with us since I'm off work?! Let me know if you'd like to and we can try and arrange somethin'!

lyssa said...

i'd love to come stay for a while, i really need to get away. my school is pretty flexible with letting me take a few days off, so call my mom! :)