Friday, January 30, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Oh, how I love the feel of soil in my hands. I haven't always. When I was young and we had moved from the city to the country, we (my brother, Mom, Dad and I) spent an hour each evening doing yard work around the three acres we lived on. I don't remember feeling the same sense of joy that I felt today perking up my front porch with a little promise of Spring.

I do remember (with fondness) working in our vegetable garden. I LOVED that. We planted one every spring. Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa all determined to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Summer squash, zucchini, okra, tomatoes, sometimes cantaloupe or watermelon all planted in neat rows.

I loved to watch as they dug out the channels for the water to run through and irrigate the plants. It got even better when the hose was turned on and the water made its way through the maze of little seedlings. I always made it a point each evening to follow Grandpa when he would water. I think he liked watching it move around the plants as much as I did.

It seemed that in no time, we were picking loads of vegetables. We made sure to give some to anyone who stopped by. And each night we would sit at the table and delight in our home grown goodness. What wonderful memories... all brought about by today's trip to Lowe's!

Red was very vocal about which plants we chose for the porch project. I had picked up a few herbs to put in with the flowers we had chosen. He loved to smell each one and would describe their fragrance in great detail after each sniff. His favorite was the lemon thyme. He also selected a pot of mini daffodils saying they would look "so beautiful" with the other plants we had picked. He was right. :)

When we got home, he helped me plant. While I was finishing up, he rode his scooter and played in the yard. He was excited when he found this little wasp nest in our neighbor's driveway. I love these (when they are empty of course). I had to grab my camera and snap a picture of our sweet boy bearing this gift he was so proud of.
Another day. Just enjoying the simple pleasures life brings...

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