Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Time Flys

The rest of December was pretty much a blurr. There was Grandma Mary's Annual Ice Cream Social at Rosemary's. Yum Yum. What a great Christmas gift.

Then in the middle of the month Franky attended a class in Illinois. While he was there, Mom, Dad, Alex and I went to the coast. Mom and I got to visit our favorite shops. The Nest and Feathered Nest. We were sad to see that the Susan Branch Store in Arroyo Grande had closed.

Over a couple of days, we went to the movies and saw Bolt, ate fish and chips,visited the Avila Valley Barn and explored SLO. On the way home we made a stop at Good Ol' Burger and delighted in their gigantic burgers and onion rings. We had so much fun.It was so awesome to spend time with my parents there.

Christmas was really nice. We spent time with all of our family. It was wonderful. Santa was very nice to Red. He was pretty overwhelmed with all of the gifts he received.Thanks everyone for spoiling our little redhead!

I was excited that on Christmas my cousin's daughter Alyssa(aka Lyssa-lou)got to spend the night with us. We stayed up late (late for me anyway) and played cards. The day after Christmas, we hit the movies and saw Marley & Me and Bedtime Stories. Both very good movies.:) We were sad when Lyssa had to leave and go back to Long Beach. She definitely needs to come back to visit again.

The rest of December was taken up with relishing the last bit of time with my parents, playing cards, playing with Red and cleaning up Christmas. I'm still finding bits of Christmas in the house!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

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