Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. We spent the holiday at my Aunt and Uncle's who live near Temecula. Red was so excited on the way. He was convinced we were going to a "party". In fact when we arrived he hoots, "Yeah, we're at the party!!!"

If he was disappointed that this "party" didn't have a bounce house, you would've never guessed. He made himself right at home! He was laying right up in the center of my Aunt's bed watching "Elf" fifteen minutes after we got there!

We ate yummy food and had a great time visiting and playing cards. Thank you Uncle Charles and Aunt Paula for having us!!! Red loved that Uncle Charles played the guitar for him. Aunt Paula, Alex is still talking about the bells on your clocks. He LOVED them!!!

Thank you Sharie, Lyssa-lou, Al, and Lori for a fun game of cards. (Lori, I may have won the first game of cards, but during the second game I really did consider leaving for a vanilla coke!!! I lost terribly...)

Thanks Lyssa-lou for spending time with Red. He had a blast playing with you. I have some great pictures to prove it!!!

I am thankful we got to spend Thanksgiving together.

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lyssa said...

i miss you all SO much! i'm glad alex had a good time, i was about ready to steal him when we went home. i love you!