Friday, November 13, 2009

"When is the next conference?"

This was what Frank asked as he opened the curtains of the 1000+ square foot suite we stayed in at Olympic Valley in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

The hospital sent me to an Infection Control/Engineering conference here and encouraged me to take my family. I can't tell you how glad I was that they were able go. For one, I would have felt terribly guilty if I were the only one able to enjoy the breath-taking views from a such an AMAZING room.(Brag, brag) But also because we had such a great time!

On the way, we were able to visit the Train Museum in Old Town Sac. Franky has wanted to take Red there since he was around three months old!!! They were in heaven...

The training itself lasted three days (the hospital let us stay four). While I was in class, the boys hung out pool side, explored the golf course, Olympic Valley's Village and watched TV on one of the two HUGE flat screen TVs. (I'm sorry I'm bragging, again...)

When I finished for the day we would walk around, eat yummy food, drive around Lake Tahoe, take pictures like tourists and call to brag (hee, hee) to any one who would listen, about how beautiful it was!

On the way home we got to stop in Auburn, which was where I spent most of my summer's with my great aunt. It is a wonderful little mining town, rich in history and cute as can be. We met up with some family and had a wonderful visit and breakfast, then got to look around at some fun antique shops in Old Town.

What a awesome trip. Definitely a place we want to visit again!

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