Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's Play Ball

With Spring of 2009, came T-ball. Red's first go at organized (ha ha) "team" sports. Honestly, I don't think there is anything more entertaining than 40 four and five year olds with mitts, cleats, saggy uniforms and an abundance of energy vs. two or three grown ups (usually men) bringing them together in an effort to play something resembling a baseball game!!!

For those of you who haven't experienced this before, it looks something like this: Four kids are in the outfield. One is sitting in the grass looking at bugs crawling around, one is picking her nose, one is doing some version of the "pee-pee" dance, the fourth is waving at his family who is doing the wave in the stands.

The short stop is looking at the clouds. The kid on third is showing the kids from the other team how he can jump on one foot, the one on second is standing on the base trying to push the other teams' runner out of her way and yelling "He won't get off!!!".

The kid on first is the coaches' Son and actually knows what to do and is being watched by recruiters from the Dodger's farm team. The batter from the other team nearly takes out our coach when she swings at the ball before it is placed on the "T".

And Red? Well, he's all over the field, chasing the ball where ever it goes, tackling his team mates and who ever else who may have reached said ball before him...I think maybe he got confused as to which "organized" team sport he was playing! Let's just say he LOVED it.

The season lasted about two months. We usually had two games a week. Red had a blast and I laughed so hard, I now have six-pack abs! Can't wait until next season.

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