Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Red's totally loving...

...these playful days. He is eating them up! Each day a new adventure. "What are we doing today, Mama?" Lately it has been lots of fun with friends. All of which happen to have little girls. Red doesn't mind a bit. In fact, he LOVES it! I do too.

When Red plays with girls, he is a little more balanced. He's a little more careful. A little more considerate. More willing to share. More willing to go second. And the more he plays with these little chick-a-dees, the better it's getting.

Of course he still LOVES to show off in front of them. He's like a preening rooster at times. But with the girls it works. They just sit back and watch. Not interested in competing as another boy would be. Actually, they seem very impressed with his antics. We may be in trouble if this pattern continues through the teenage years... :)

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lyssa said...

so our plans to spend a week together got cut off because of my job, but they just hired someone new so my hours got cut. :( which sucks because now i only have one day a week for a while, but it also means that since i don't have to work weekends, maybe i can come up on a thursday sometime soon and leave on a monday... if we could some how work that out with my mom? that way i wouldn't have to miss work OR class and we'd still get a decent amount of time together. let me know. i love you!!!