Monday, February 23, 2009

Somewhere between...

Chasing Red around, spending time with Franky, doing laundry, cleaning up my clutter, going to the feed store for a automatic waterer for the dogs, spending 45 minutes holding bunnies at said feed store, spending 15 minutes convincing myself we DID NOT need a bunny, checking out the swap meet, eating yummy little tacos, eating a yummy churro, visiting with friends, taking a long hot bath, taking a long drink of NyQuil, eating breakfast with Red, playing Wii, watching Reese chase Red, going to get a flat tire fixed, picking up a few groceries, making grilled cheese for lunch, taking Red to Burger King to exhaust some energy and watching a little TV, I forgot to post about my new job!!!

As I said, I absolutely LOVE it. It is so different from my last job. Everyday is different but has many of the same components. I'm working Monday through Friday. In my role there is a lot of teaching, interaction with staff from every department, referrals, surveillance, organizing, lab interpretation, data collection and compilation. The list goes on!

The people are terrific. Very friendly. I feel like I've been there for years already! :)

Red goes to a daycare in town so he and I have 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening to chat. He LOVES the person who is watching him. He looks forward to going everyday.

Everything has been so seamless and easy in this transition. I really think I'm in the place I need to be and that feels GREAT!

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